Friday, September 7, 2012

Small and wordless

Part 1

I wait in between and perplexed
and try to imagine the rest
and try to imagine what's next
and try to heap coals off this chest
as hummingbirds leap off the nest
 and fasten themselves to my vest.
An hourglass pours out the time
an hourglass flipped on it's side
and hourglass pouring out grain.
My fire reflects in my rain
the fire-rain collects in my brain
and Earth absorbs both like a drain
as here on The Floor I remain
as here on the floor I abstain
as here (just for now) I remain.


Part 2
She is scooped out and hollow
smooth, pale and light
like a fire would glow
from beneath her, behind
like lightening could strike her head
and cause her fingers to give off sparks
and you would watch and have to blink.

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