Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sometimes, let go

Sometimes, don't wait
for the thing to crack
and crumble
and fall apart all around you
sometimes, let go
before it gets the better of you
wraps itself around
and squeezes the joy
wrings out the laughter
and leaves a shaking shell
that used to contain you
and I know this thought
causes your stomach to drop
and I know you think
you'll go flying
free falling
into something you can't comprehend
and maybe,
maybe you will,
probably you will,
yes, I think that you will,
(for a while, at least)
but sometimes,
your palm has to be open
and empty
sometimes your hand has to face upward
towards the sun
or the clouds or
the scratches there on have to be windswept,
rain bathed,
sun bleached
it has to be emptied before
it can hold
anything even half real
anything even half resembling truth
(and this requires strength you are not strong enough for)
(and this requires a bit of naivete, too)
(and this requires more than you can ever begin to know)
with everything in you,
let go.


1 comment:

Gustaf said...

I'm glad you are back in the affairs of poetry.