Wednesday, August 24, 2011


(Pre-Script: This post best read as the song, "Everybody's Changing," #12 on the playlist, plays in the background. Go down to the playlist, click on that song, then come back and resume reading. I'll wait...)(...still waiting...)

Today is Jeremy's 10th birthday. Blink, and your baby is in the double digits, even though you have photographic evidence that he was just born yesterday...too bad the photos are all in your mind, and technology has not advanced so far as to develop that kind of pictures. I think they haven't yet found the right paper.
It's been hot lately. It's been uncomfortable, sometimes. Jeremy's cake, though baked with pure love and good intentions, crumbled into a whole lot of crumbly bits. You want to throw your hands in the air and say, "I'm sorry, Kid, we tried. In the end, I cannot control the weather or how a thing reacts to it; in the end, I may have left out a pinch of this, a touch of that; in the end, it may have been in the oven too long or too short by a millisecond." Instead, I covered the cake up with extra frosting, taking special care with the shattered parts. Frosting covers a multitude of sins; I have found this to be true over the course of my lifetime. It doesn't take away the lumpy spots, and you can tell that there is foundational damage at the base of the cake but with the frosting, it is now a thing once again glued together, once again a thing to be candle lit, sung and celebrated over, cut into and please,-everyone-have-a-piece-'d over. Because Jeremy turned 10, whether he was born yesterday or 10 years ago today. Whether or not the weather and the baking conditions coincided peacefully; he is 10, and next year he will be 11, and we will do this again, and who knows what that cake will look like or who will be around the table but
we will do this again and again because it is life, and we celebrate life, we cherish it no matter what it looks like, we savor and enjoy, and lick the last crumb and morsel of the frosting from the plate until the plate is clean.
(Happy Birthday, baby, you are still and no longer a baby, look, I have the pictures right here...)

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Johnny R said...

You're a wonderful mom and an even more wonderful person. I'm craving cake now :)