Thursday, April 8, 2010

Play Structure

(Pre-Script: This post makes as much sense as a fish with a bicycle when read as the song, "This Used To Be My Playground," #66 on the playlist, plays in the background. Go down to the playlist, click on that song, then come back and resume reading. I'll wait...) (...still waiting...)

So many things just don't seem to add up.
Like just about every time I try to help my 3rd grade son with his math, ah, fogedaboutit.
There are times I could swear my children were adopted, except that I remember being there to experience the live birth.
All 4 times.
count them with me.
GOSH, I get my own point already!!
Have you seen the new fangled play structures that are popping up all over the more progressive parks in cities these days? You stand in front of them, and they look like the parts in someone's Physic's lab threw up and reassembled themselves. Sort of like the Big Bang Theory. And the summation of parts does not necessarily make much sense outside of the brains of the engineers who designed them. They are not nearly as user friendly as the old standby of swing-slide-some type of climbing monkey bar structurethingy-teeter totter. Someone got a little overzealous reconceptualizing "playground." But certain concepts never needed to be reconceptualized...Playground, for example.
Especially when they are being conceptualized by someone who is not thinking in terms of the user, but in terms of their own prowess in design. Form and function and function and form must all flow and jive and work together. Otherwise you have a bunch of nonsense. And for a bunch of Very Intelligent Engineers (V.I.E.) to create nonsense is JUST PLAIN NONSENSE! So instead of reconstructing playgrounds and the way the children of the world interact with them, let's just let you go back to your offices, Engineers and Physicists of the world. The WORLD needs the use of your brain for very vast and different things, as vast as the universe, and as small as an invisible particle. Go back to your laboratories, get back to slicing atoms. And just chop those atoms as small as you can. Smaller than that, even. Smaller than ever before. In the area of Nonsense, the children will always have the Engineers beat.


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