Friday, June 12, 2009

The mind of a girl

(Pre-Script: This post is disarmingly fun and flirty when paired with the song, " Suddenly I See," #36 on the playlists,so go down to the playlist, click on that song, then come back and resume reading. I'll wait.) (...still waiting...)

Who can know the mind of a girl?
Yesterday my friend told me that she feels haggard. This is disturbing because she is 4 months younger than I am. It is also disturbing because I do not see it with my own eyes. Also, I do not want to see myself as "haggard," ever ever, even when I am ninety six and three quarter years old. I mean, sure, my hands have been insulted as "Old Lady Hands" by the man who wanted me to agree to marry him so he would not be deported to Mexico, and sure, my own offspring whom I spawned may have told me that I look "evil," after a hair appointment when I came home with experimental dark hair, and I certainly have looked evil in many of my pictures, because Picasa on my computer does not always take out the red eyes as I would like, which is why I often end up just giving up and making them black and white or sepia... And you thought I was just being artistic. I wanted you to think that. I'm glad it worked. It was probably more because I couldn't get rid of the red eyes, and did not want to be called evil. I did not want to be called "haggard." But see, my friend describes herself as "haggard." I just don't see it in her. Shudder.
Who has known the mind of a girl?
Today I am suffering from a case of do-I-really-like-this-outfit-itis. I have worn it before, but do I like it TODAY. So I take a picture with my phone. But I am holding the camera phone myself, so I don't get the right angle in the picture I take. I cannot see my sandals in this shot. Also, it's a horrible angle, and I would not like how any outfit looks draped on my body from this angle. Please oh please let there not be an awkwardly tall person who gets this close to me with his or her head tilted just awkwardly so that he or she views me from this angle. Shudder at the thought. So I take a different picture, this time I hold the camera differently so that my sandals are visible in the picture. I like how it all looks together. I like this angle. Please oh please let there be an awkwardly short person who gets this close to me and tilts his or her head awkwardly to the left and is forced to view me from this angle.

"But Michelle,"
Hey, I hear my imaginary reader calling, can't you hear her, too?
"Michelle, what's so great about this outfit? I mean, really."
Gentle reader, I wasn't going to go there.
"Oh Michelle, but I think you should go there."
You think?
"Yes, Michelle, I really do. Take us all there, with you, please. We can handle it."
Gentle Reader, I was not going to go there, but you've twisted my arm. Now please quietly listen while I describe the outfit to you.
" Okay, Michelle, I will not say another word."
The outfit I am wearing is the exact same outfit that every other girl is wearing, but some of the girls feel pretty and some just feel...haggard.

Pause, blink, blink.
And that is the mind of a girl.
Blink, blink.
Amen, let us pray.


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