Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Long in the feet.

(Pre-Script: This post will grow on you beautifully when paired with the song," Everybody's Changing," #56 on the playlist, so go down to the playlist, click on that song, then come back and resume reading...I'll wait...) (...still waiting...)
Sometimes you might be having a growing pain and not even realise it, so disguised is it by falling down and tripping all over your self. It's like, "hello, didn't I used to be able to walk normally before, with these same legs and 2 feet? Yes, yes I did. But see here, these are not the same two feet, these are a bigger, newer version, and I have not learned how to balance my weight properly, how hard to step, how far each stride will take the rest of my body." Extra slips and trips do not necessarily mean you are losing your balance and losing it, and a total screw up. It just might mean you are experiencing growing pain. Because you are growing.
I knew a girl who's feet grew long faster than the rest of her grew tall. She had to go around all awkward like that.
("Did she ever grow out of it, Michelle?"
-whispers the wondering mind of my curious, dear Imaginary Reader.)
Boy, I sure THINK so...but then again, I only saw her one year at summer camp and never saw her after that. I would be really surprised if the rest of her did not catch up and match with the size of her feet, eventually. Really, seriously surprised. Most people emerge out of their awkward phases as gorgeous butterflies with colors and sparkle no one ever knew was there, so hidden was it under all that...cocoon of acne cream and what not.
And then there are those who never go through an awkward phase. Remember those kids who were just always cute, and stayed cute? Guess what, they don't grow up to be good looking adults. I know this is true because someone told me that once, and it made all kinds of sense to me, so I believe it now. Physical Growth spurts are gone as quickly as adolescence. Internal growth spurts happen all the time, often right directly on the heels of each other, and you're like, "WAIT! I am trying to catch my breath, trying to catch up with myself here!"
My advice to the perpetually growing is this: Have Mercy! Don't try to run. Walk slowly. You'll eventually find your rhythm.


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