Thursday, October 2, 2008

The decapitated woman in expensive clothes

i was jealous when i saw her
(at the jeweler I was visiting for a minor necklace repair)
in her expensive jeans
expensive shoes
i was intimidated by her
impossibly shiny straight hair
large Louis Vuitton bag
and when i looked at her eyes
and saw her flat stare
and when she didn't smile at me
i felt judged
like she was confirming something about me
that i had long suspected
and then i saw the diamonds she was selling
and i tried to not pay attention to all of the
large bills the jeweler handed her,
tried to lose count
as her priceless marriage was reduced
to just $2,700.00
as she placed the wad of bills in her over sized Louis Vuitton
I knew
that the woman walking out of the jeweler's office that day
would be carrying a much, much heavier bag
on her thin, bare shoulders
than when she walked in.

P.S. This post is best read as the song "Work" by Jars of Clay plays. Go down and click on it, then come back up and just read it again.


Verlana said...

Ahhh... That makes me sad. I was at Jake's about a month ago. Russ was out of town, and I was the first of our friends there. I sat listening to two women talk about their divorces... one just begun, one midway through. I texted Russ to tell him that I loved him. It made me sad, too, to think of what a marriage- a loveless one- can be reduced to. :( Go kiss Derek! I'll kiss Russ when he gets home! :)

sara said...

Ouch. This makes me sad too..incredibly. It also reminds me to be thankful of what we have.

I read a post the other day about a woman who was looking in her rearview mirror at a gorgeous woman. Thin. Perfect hair & teeth. Nice Car. The woman writing the post was struck with jealousy and wished, for just a moment, that God had given her something else.


The pretty, thin woman stuck her finger straight up her nose and started digging. Right there in traffic.
Right there when someone else was coveting her beauty & poise.


if this was an Aesop's fable, there would be a moral. But as it is, I'm just happy God made me me. And you, you!

vic-a-la said...

yup...sad. at first i thought you were talking about a manequin modeling jewelry without a head! then i got confused at the end thinking i didn't get poetry.
i read it again and felt less dumb... :-) but more sad...

vic-a-la said...

i still don't get why she's decapitated. analysis please?

Michelle said...

Vic, she's decapitated because her marriage has ended. It's as tragic and traumatic as if her head had been chopped off. She's not a complete person, but a bleeding stump.