Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Driving the children to school and home

(Pre-script:To get the most out of this post, first go down to the playlist and click on the song "Winter" by Tori Amos, then come back and read the post. I'll wait...) (...still waiting...)

There is snow on the hills above me
as I drive the children to school this morning
and on the hill to my right, a spot
where the sun has peaked
through the cloud cover
just to the right above me on the snow covered hills
(and oh the ways a heart
can break
can mend
can ache
can bend)
In a few hours I
will pick them up from school
by then the sun
will be shining everywhere too bright
to see
(that in itself a different sort of ache)
I will need to wear sunglasses
the hills will still be snow covered but
less so, and we will drive home
sit unmoving in the driveway
for a minute or two to collect our
thoughts, packbacks, stray coats and purses,
the moment of transition from van to house is the hardest, I think;
being exposed to the chill in the air as we scurry
to get ourselves and all of our things inside
exchanging warmth for warmth but the cold
in between that makes us appreciate
the warmth at the end
then, close the door knowing we're home now, and
then what?



sara said...

snack time??

Francesca said...

then you are stuck with them till bedtime, bwaaahhhaaaahhhaaaaaa... ;)

Meilei said...

I love this! This will be one of my fave's.