Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I always mean more than just what I say.

(Pre-script: For a really cool effect, before reading this post, go down to the playlist, click on the song "Say" by John Mayer, then come back up and read the post. I'll wait...) (...still waiting...)

In this blog's past, I have not explained my poetry. It either speaks to you or it doesn't. Whatever it says to you is awesome, whether it was what I was intending to say or not; art is like that, the artist doesn't always realize what he or she has created until after it is created. Sometimes I realize after I write something that what I said could have a completely different meaning than the one I originally intended, and I think, "wow, that's awesome. That's cool, too." Sometimes a poem means something different to me as time goes by, as well. So of course different people will get different meanings out of reading the exact same words. We all bring out own experiences to the poem; it informs our reading and understanding of it.
I decided that I'm going to give you a glimpse into my heart and mind by explaining why I wrote the previous poem today, "What Once Shimmered Golden Above Us." Maybe by seeing this glimpse, the rest of my poems will make a bit more sense, as well. The main thing I want everyone to understand is that I always intentionally mean more than just what I say. If I write a poem about an orange, you can be sure that I am intending it to be some sort of metaphor for life, or at least some small facet of it.
The poem of today was inspired by the sight of a few different trees recently, trees that are full of fall colored leaves, with leaves showered all around the base of the tree, not yet raked up, as they lay there on the neatly mown grass. I loved the contrast of the beautifully colored tree, so passionate, and the leaves around it looked like this beautiful thing was crying, and just, spreading it's tears and passions all over itself, and it was a beautiful thing...and then contrasting it to the neat, careful green lawn...which seemed to represent rules and guidlines that we live by. The delicate balance we try to maintain, the balance of these two extremes within ourselves; it's enough to cause my heart to ache, and I just wasn't ready to see those leaves raked up and destroyed. I just...loved what they represented, within my heart, at least.
So that is an example of how I see the world on a daily basis. I see the deeper meanings and the metaphors. I can't help it; They seem to jump out at me.
The pictures were taken this afternoon, of a tree in my front yard. I wish I could have cut out all of the background, but I couldn't angle it right; there was always something there.


P.S. "What once shimmered/shivered golden/green/red orange/ above us?" What do you think that means? What do those descriptions and colors mean to you? I'll give you one hint; it wasn't just about the leaves. It was very nostalgic. Think about it.

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