Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Out of the box

(Pre-script: To fully marinate and saturate in this blog post, please read it as the song, "Ants Marching,"# 21 on the list plays , or as the song, "Superman," #10 on the list, plays. Go down to the playlist, click on one or both of those songs, then come back and resume reading. I'll wait...)
(...still waiting...)
I know a person who likes to try and fix things that aren't broken, namely what he or she sees as other people's problems which are not really problems in the mind eyes and heart of the other people.
("Michelle you are talking about me." )
(if it fits, gentle reader, if it fits.)
This person has a pat answer and if you say,
"I disagree,"
this person will say,
and then restate his or her pat answer.
You start to wonder about the possiblity of original thought.
Are humans capable. Are you or I capable.
Out of the box thinking does make people uncomfortable,
unless it is the out of the box that can be labeled and put neatly into a box.*
Maybe just a more decorative box. that works. I can still shove that in the corner next to the Christmas tree. the twinkly lights make it practically sparkle. Just never let it out, okay? Keep that one wrapped and pretty. Awesome.
Or maybe it's an out of the box like a jack in the box, that you wind, and you know when it's going to jump out at you because it's always at the same part of the song, the "POP" goes the weasel part, but it is still attatched to the box, so you can just push that little clown head back into it's box until you are ready to see it spring back up again, at the "POP" goes the weasel part of the song. When you are done playing with it, just put it back on the shelf where it belongs.


*People try to rebel against things they disapprove of and they are called "rebels," when maybe they are only trying to live in light and truth that has been watered down by culture or societal standards, and suddenly there is a description attatched to the particular form of "rebellion" that is supposedly the defenition of who they are.
Everyone but the "rebels" got the memo.

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Brian said...

Most people are sheep...outside the box is scary for them. And thats okay, it's who they long as they don't try and force you/me/everyone else into their box. God gave mankind free choice...some people have decided that that's fine for themselves, but they'd like to take everyone else's away.

I liked your footnote at the end about rebels. Truth seekers have always been labeled "rebels"...Christ was labeled a "Rebel". Beautiful statement of truth...thanks.