Saturday, April 4, 2009

Signs and Wonders

(Pre-Script: This post will reach it's highest "POW" factor if read while the song, "A Thousand Winter's Melting" plays in the background. It's #16 on the playlist. In order to experience this great goodness, you must now go down to the playlist, click on that song, (16) then come back and resume reading. I'll wait...) (...still waiting...)
Throw up can seriously mess up your outfit and plans for the day. Also a good night's sleep. Also your general good mood and kind wishes towards all of mankind. I had been sleeping for 7 minutes last night when one of my little peeps woke me up by saying "I threw up in my bed." I calmly helped the child, cleaned, re-pajama'd, stripped the bedding, started a barf load of laundry, re bedded, re tucked the child, all with softness and good wishes. That time. Then I left his room and said a prayer that went something like,"GOD, I cannot handle any more of this tonight. I need to sleep, I don't want my peeps to see their mother's rageful, hateful thoughts expressed in word or deed. Please heal that kid. Lack of sleep causes insanity. You've got to help me with this one, I'm begging. I'm not above begging when desperate. I might go insane otherwise, and my sanity is already questionable to begin with. As you know." Then I went to sleep. It was a deep, restful sleep. I didn't wake up until morning.
And in the morning, all my little peeps were well. The former barfer woke up reformed, happy, and hungry, and when I asked how his stomach felt, he said it felt "This much" like it felt last night, as he held up his hands in a sign that means "none."
I thought, "Wow, God, thank you for taking me seriously. The peeps don't always take me seriously, but You do; thank you. And thank you for that miraculous healing."
"But Michelle,"
I hear my gentle reader interrupting,
"Michelle, that wasn't a miracle."
Yes, gentle reader, it was.
"Michelle, the kid just had a temporary bug, or had eaten something bad. It was just nature taking it's course."
Gentle reader, it MIGHT have been nature taking it's course. But I think that nature taking it's course is a miracle every day.
How sad to go through your whole life and never recognize the miracles happening all the time, everywhere you look, and just beyond your peripheral vision, too.



Debbie said...

I like that! Oh and barf is the worst. I wish God always answered sick prayers that way.

Brian said...

Hahahahahaha!!!! A "barf load of laundry" you're killing me...thats hilarious.

"Nature taking it's course is a miracle"...thats brilliant...staring us all in the face and we walk right after day. I love this.