Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bone Rattle

Are you ever just weary of the bone rattle space
do you know that place where the water kisses the shore shyly
or with a fierce and sudden passion
lifeguards warn, "Do not go in the water" "Strong undertow"
(it will sweep the small and unsuspecting out to sea)
do you know that place between your skull where sound bounces
where you can hear the rush of air like a seashell
far from the sea but always you can hear the rush,
you can feel the rush, it flows through your bloodstream,
is carried like cell memory
there it bursts like a sweaty tidal wave
out of defective tear ducts, no longer dammed shut
the pipes no longer clogged with regretful grime
the water and salt wash, purify and preserve
(the sweat, the tears, the sea,)
even acid rain can cleanse the ground beneath it.


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