Thursday, February 26, 2009

Aunt Martha's snow boots (Part II)

(Pre-script: If you have not read the previous post, "Custom Couture Crochet," please do so now, then come back to read this post. I'll wait.) (...still waiting...)

It's been 13 years since Grandma Angell died. So many memories summed up in the flurry of wrapping up a life in a few short days. My heart couldn't engage fully. But what got me back into the reality of the moment of her death was seeing Aunt Martha at the funeral home. Aunt Martha, who had cared for my Grandma until the very end. Since it was winter and stormy out, Aunt Martha wore her snow boots to the funeral home. Then standing by the side of the casket, she hung her head and wept. That was the moment that summed all of the sadness and grief up for me. Aunt Martha wept over my dead grandmothers body in her wet snow boots.


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