Monday, February 16, 2009

This is (maybe not what) she wanted to be...

(Pre-script: To fully experience this post with as many of your senses as possible, you will need to go down to the playlist and click on the song," Suddenly I See," by K.T. Tunstall, before you read it. Then come back and read. I'll wait.) (...still waiting...)
If you ask me, all Esther ever wanted out of life was to be a wallflower.
Not a people liberator.
Not a confrontationalist.
Not an entire book in any book,
and especially not an entire book in the Bible.
When the Bible writers set up a stand with a sign on the front that read:
"Tell us your story, and if the Holy Spirit moves us, we will write it,and everyone for the rest of time will know who you are,"
as the line of people, like anxious puppy dogs,
(Pick me! Pick me!)
wrapped around and around the booth, I bet Esther just walked right on by, as fast as she could without looking too conspicuous, with her head down, deep inside the hood of her cape,
heart pounding,
palms sweating,
hoping no one would see her
no one would call her out of the crowd,
no one would notice,
because, ew, how embarrassing!!
and Awkward!
and yet, and YET!!
The girl had no choice in the matter.
Her life became the Soap Opera of the B.C. era, in which she was the star.
She was beautiful, desirable, chosen, and wanted.
Contrary to what is often taught,
Sometimes God uses those, too.


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