Saturday, July 18, 2009

Brick Table

There is a boy in the backyard making a table out of a pile of bricks he has found.
Through the kitchen window I can see him,
building with
what we did not realize we had left there.
The grownups tend to forget these things,
piles of bricks left on the side of a yard,
the remains of some forgotten construction project
or other.
but children often find what we never knew
we'd left behind,
and this is what they focus on,
and this is how they construct themselves.
These bricks look like the bricks of a house where I once lived,
and like the bricks of a wall I recognize.
Some of the bricks are broken, some whole,
but they are the bricks he has found,
so they are the bricks he works with.
his siblings are around him
like buzzing bees orbiting his space,
as siblings do,
but he remains focused, and they play at their own agendas.
In the backyard, a boy is building.
when the boy is finished, he will say,
"come and see the table that I made,"
then warn his sister not to knock it down.

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