Friday, May 22, 2009


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When you are 3 years old and your baby sister dies, you spend a lot of childhood time in the cemetery. I have always loved the cemetery, especially the old parts. I am a curious and imaginative person by nature, who is archaeological, sociological, and sometimes anthropologically minded. I love that at "my" cemetery, there are still headstones standing, the really old ones leaning with age. I am aware that some cemeteries, for the sake of practicality, have knocked all of the headstones over for the ease of lawn mowing. I like seeing them all standing there, though, old and leaning. I like to read the dates, the names, the words someone else left behind that give only the minutest clues of the life contained in the body buried below. I often wonder, "What was that person's life like?" "How did Mary Anne Smith live, from July 7, 1782-May 4, 1840?"
Basically, I just think it's fascinating that when you go to a cemetery, there are bodies and bodies and bodies buried just below the grass upon which you are standing. I wish that someone would hand me a shovel and say "Go for it, with our blessing." I would want to dig up the graves. I am curious as all get out to see what people were buried in, at a particular time period, and how it has kept up underground over the years. I want to see what state the bodies are in, too, and what kind of "stuff" the grieving loved ones left behind had thought significant to place inside the casket at the time of burial. I bet that some of the most interesting antique jewelry is just below you, when you are standing in the cemetery.
I hope (HOPE HOPE!!) to someday find out.


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