Saturday, March 7, 2009

Damage Control

Jesus in the details
truck stops along the freeway
tiny flowers, too
but I feel so alone
windshield view
the ball of wax inside my chest is suffocating
the yelling inside my ears mind numbing
dumbing me down to the
lowest element
dirt, an accumulation
of particles that have been broken down,
ground down, used to be stones
used to be recognizable things
now i am elemental
Jesus in the details
rain and mud and paste of clay
mortar connecting cells like brick by brick
in the destruction and construction
of a life ask yourself
what am I building
who's being walled out
who's being walled in
what can grow over push up under
some special form of moss
green and fast in reproduction
not too proud to grovel
Jesus in the details
so easily I am reduced
too easily i
can be reduced
by just about anything.



1 comment:

Brian said...

In my own mind/heart, your poem said to me: We can try to replace the elements/stresses that can tear us down in life, with something new that makes us feel comfortable and free. But if we're not careful, it could be that the "new" that makes us believe we're free, really imprisons us in a way that's worse than where we started.

Please tell us what was the message that you had in mind when you wrote it?