Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Little Miss Sassy Boots (AKA her lip gloss pushed me over the edge.)

(Pre-script: To get the most of this post, read it as the song, " Suddenly I See" plays. Go down to the playlist, click on that song, then come back and resume reading...I'll wait...) (...still waiting...)
I was standing in the 15 items or less express lane at the grocery store. I was feeling sassy knowing that I had 13 items in my cart, but they were big items, so they looked like more than 15 items, I was sure, and I just liked knowing that if anyone challenged me on my relevance in being in the express lane, I could just point and say "Count for yourself."
I was also feeling sassy because I had applied a fresh coat of lip gloss just prior to entering the store, which in itself is not unusual or out of character, in fact, I think I do that every time I am about to enter any store, or any...place in the world, but this time I had applied the lip gloss with a deliberate purpose. I was sure that the grocery store would yet again be out of my favorite ice cream flavor, since it has been in recent weeks, and I wanted to tell the manager that I deliberately come to this particular store looking for this particular ice cream flavor, with the hope HOPE HOPE that it will be in stock, so would you, could you, please, Kind Manager, take this into consideration the next time you are deliberating over store stock? Please, oh pretty pretty please with gumdrops on top? and he would comply, so sweetly, in my imagination, he would say "yes, yes ma'am," and when asked later why the particular flavor of ice cream had been brought back into regular stock rotation at this particular store, the manager would say, "I was on the verge of saying no, but her lip gloss put me over the edge."
But then I heard the lady in front of me complaining that the store did not have the right cereal in stock, why would they advertise a sale on a cereal and then not have it in stock? but the question on MY mind was, "Why would the woman in front of me in line, or anyone for that matter, come on the very last day of a sale and then be shocked that the store has sold out of the item that had been on sale for days now?? And then complain to the poor check out girl about it, because the check out girl had the courtesy to say, "How are you today?" I hate that. And for the record, I was not planning to complain, personally; I was only going to ask about the whereabouts of my favorite item, and to please consider reordering it. But I was not going to complain to the check out girl, only to ask to speak to a manager. And then to expect him or her to be compelled by my expert application of shiny gloss. That's all. The check out girl is just trying to do her job, of checking with a smile and a kind word. Let her, peeps. As it turned out, I did not ask for the manager. Not this day, because check out home girl just needed to see a friendly non complaining face, I could tell. So now you might be thinking, "Another lip gloss application, gone to waste." But gentle reader, you are wrong; there is no such thing as a fabulous lip gloss application gone to waste. Being fabulous is a reward in itself. Please make a note of it.


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Brian said...

I wish more people could see their way to alter their "plan for the day" a little here and there, to take into account the feelings of others. Something so small and simple that could have far reaching impacts not otherwise known.

I also want it to be noted that when the catchphrase "...but her lip gloss put me over the edge." goes nationwide, I heard it first. Hahahahaha.