Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Seagulls on the back of their very large vehicle

(Pre-script: In order to fully engage your brain and saturate your senses, please go down to the playlist, click on the song," Big Yellow Taxi," then come back and read this post. I'll wait...) (...still waiting...)
There is a new trend in car decorating these past, oh, I'd say 3-5 years, maybe. It's the trend of putting little sticker people representing the members of your family on the back bottom window of your SUV or minivan. I see these and then I know, like "OH, look at that, whoever drives that vehicle has 2 boys and a girl, in that height and presumably age order,and also a puppy. I would have never guessed that just by looking at the car." or "Oh, look at that, whoever owns THAT vehicle has (gasp) Triplet babies! All girls! and a kitten!"
Today, there was a large vehicle in the Safeway parking lot with the family members represented by their neat sticker characters, and these sticker people had names above their heads. At the end, there were two seagulls, each with it's own name. I am sure that the seagulls represented family members who have died, and now they are forever immortalised as seagulls on the back of an SUV. Whatever form your grief takes, get it out. However you need to express it, just express away. Everyone who sees that will wonder, what's the story? What were the lives that the seagulls now represent? Who were these people? They were deliberately placed there by someone who is not complete without them. A family unit does not heal around or fill in the void of the scabby scar left behind. Everyone drives around wanting to be seen. "This is me, this is us, these are the people I am building into, who are building into me. See us?" Everyone wants to be loved, known, and accepted, and vulnerable enough to be loved, known, and accepted. There is a family with their names written on the back of their large vehicle. At the end of the line up of people, there are two seagulls. I know that now. This morning, before I went to Safeway, I did not know that. But I know it now.


Anonymous said...

I saw one yesterday with a whole wordy thing about someone who died and will never be forgotten. There were people too but no seagulls. Not to be mean but seagulls seem dirty and not like a very nice way to represent a loved one.

Brian said...

It's cool how you pick up on so many things that are in plain view, yet remain unseen to so many of us. I would have just thought "that's weird, that family has 2 pet seagulls". And then you say things that should be obvious to all of us, but usually aren't...(maybe a lot of us are so focused on day to day that we forget to think beyond our own little universe)...simple yet profound things like "Everyone wants to be loved, known, and accepted, and vulnerable enough to be loved, known, and accepted." You never cease to amaze me with the depth of your observations into the human condition.