Friday, January 16, 2009

Apple Shaped Heart

(Pre-script: This post should be read while eating an apple, whatever kind of apple you prefer. I suggest a Fuji or a Pink Lady, as those are my personal favorites. This post should also be read as the song "Sweet Pea," by Amos Lee soothes your ears in the background. In order for this to happen, you must go down to the playlist, click on that song, then come back and resume reading. I'll wait...)

(...still waiting...)
Is it possible to feel nostalgia for a place you've never been? I have never been to New York City, but my heart MY HEART!! doesn't know that. Part of my heart belongs to that city. There is a song, "I left my heart in San Francisco," and although I have always lived minutes away from San Francisco*, my heart MY heart, has pieces of it scattered around New York City. On the opposite coast. Where I have never been.
In my mind, I would live in a high rise apartment, the kind with a nice doorman (or two) because it is safer that way, and would I live high up, in a cozy, cute apartment where I could look at the business all around and below me, or I could close up the blinds and be safe in my own little nook, separate, but right in the heart of the heart of my heart, AKA New York City. When I wanted to leave my cozy apartment, I would take the elevator (complete with elevator attendant (again, for safety) who I would know by name and chit chat with, briefly) down to the lobby, and walk out, and walk across the street to Central Park, where I would be known and nodded towards as "One of those crazy runner chicks" and in New York City, in Central Park, I would actually wear great running gear, something exactly like what Kelly Ripa or Elizabeth Hasslebeck run in (2 avid NYC Central Park runners, as far as I know.) When not running, I would walk everywhere else, to great restaurants and hole in the wall cafes, Broadway Musicals, coffee shops, museums, department stores too, as much as possible. If it was too cold or too far to walk, I'd have to learn how to catch a cab...or else call down to the nice doormen in the lobby and ask them to call a cab for me. I'm sure they would gladly oblige, since I would know them by name, and regularly bake cookies for them. I might even take the subway sometimes. I would feel cozy and snug, surrounded by all of those buildings and people I don't know, but never lonely, because my heart MY HEART!! the apple of my apple shaped heart, would be home.

*Let me be clear: San Francisco is a great place, I adore it. I am in no way knocking San Francisco.


sara said...

Ok, first of all - I have a brownstone dream myself..ahhh........

Secondly, I thought there was only ONE brand of jeans out there - whatever Wal-mart sells..what is it???? No Boundaries?? hee hee

vic-a-la said...

i never knew you loved new this a new love affair? i enjoyed your post!

Verlana said...

Are you left handed? We always see the left side of your face, so you must be taking the picture with your left hand? Or is that just the best profile? :) I don't see how you can't just go to NYC! Flights aren't that bad, and they are direct from SF. You can get good deals on places to stay, and anything you do is wonderful... play, no play, walking, subway riding, eating anywhere in Hell's Kitchen, etc. It's all good! I do prefer walking over a taxi, but you have to take at least one- preferably from the airport- just to get why everyone says they are crazy. Because they are... they drive like maniacs. Anyway, just go! Pawn your kids off 1/2 to one side of relatives and 1/2 to the other! You really have to go!

Michelle said...

Verlana, it's just how I hold the camera. I don't know. It's also more mysterious to show a side of the face and not the whole face. I like that.
I ideally would walk everywhere I can, just as you described, and I imagine that it is all wonderful, also just as you described. It's a HUGE dream.