Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Real Reason

(Pre-script: This poem goes best with the song "How To Save A Life," by the Fray, which is the last song on the playlist. Go down to that song, click on it, then come back and read the poem. I'll wait. I believe this is the first poem I have posted that I have paired with a song. It feels sort of like wearing a necklace with an outfit that I've never worn a necklace with before. I'm trying it on for size and feeling a little dangerous today. So watch out, world.)

(Of course I waited. I always do.)

The Real Reason
There is always a reason,

a real reason,

not the cop out reason that is assumed

and then affirmed

over and over.

There is always a reason,

and if we would talk about the reason,

the real reason,

life would be better for everyone,

if only because we would be able to breathe better.

Trust me, breathing beats suffocating any day.

But we don't always believe that breathing would be better,

and sometimes you do have to hold your breath

because you might inhale poisonous fumes or smoke


We get it wrong,

so wrong,

soooooo wrong

most of the time.



1 comment:

sara said...

You are so wild. and dangerous!!!!

p.s. Angie and Todd (Selah) are coming to Focus on the Family Chapel on Friday! Lucky me :)