Friday, January 2, 2009

How we drive

(Pre-script:This post is best paired with the song," "Big Yellow Taxi," Covered here by the Counting Crows. Go down to the playlist, click on that song, , then come back and read. I'll wait.) (...still waiting...)
It tends to be a loud process.
The children cannot get into the car quietly, and today,
they are arguing, about blah blah blah and fill in the blank. They tend to argue loudly.
I am usually satisfied to have everyone in the car dressed and wearing two shoes each. I don't even care that Ethan is wearing a tiger costume and a Superman cape. He was going to wear a hat, but decided not to, because "Tiger's don't wear hats." I don't even care that Jeremy is wearing two mismatched shoes, one flip flop and one sandal, and it's January 2nd...and not an unseasonably warm January 2nd at that. We're only going to the gym.
The children always sit in the same seats, but Kristina likes to resurrect an old argument from time to time, that it's not fair; today, she adds that Jeremy didn't "earn" his seat. So it's not fair. and blah blah blah, and fill in the blank.
In my head, I am silently praying "Please, just help us to get along and love each other today; and if that's too much to ask, at least just let us get along. And if that's too much to"
I turn up the radio and sort of bop and sing along, "are we human, or we dancer? My sign is vital, my hands are cold..."
Kristina says: "I see a large cloud that looks like a dinosaur."
I say:"Oh, yeah."
Jeremy says:"I think I see it too!"
Ethan says:"Me TOO!!"
Natalie says:"The dino-hore, the dino-hore!"
and for one moment, we are all united in vision, buckled in our speeding minivan.
The kids keep chattering and I keep singing and zoning out, "So what, I'm still a rock star, I've got my rock moves, and..."
and Kristina says:"I think God is giving me a message: I saw a heart, a dinosaur, and an alligator in the clouds, and I think He's telling me that he loves me, but that there will be danger, but that He will protect me."
Ethan says:"Jesus is saying that he sees the little animals"
Jeremy says:"That's not what you mean."
Kristina says:"I think God is telling me that He loves me, but I need to be careful with small animals, because I saw a lot of small animals in the clouds."
And now we are here, arrived.
But my little peeps have trouble getting out of the car, too. I say "Get out, we're here now" They act as though I have just told them to sit there and blink. And stretch. And yawn. Because driving to the gym has worn them out.
So I say "Dude, we're here, get out!"
The only response comes from Kristina:"Oh and I saw the letter "C," too.


vic-a-la said...

that was hilarious. i love getting glimpses of your daily experiences!

Renee said...

Alas, whether there is one or four, car trips remain the same. I have to drive the kids 11 miles to school each morning. At times, it is enough to rip my hair out, which is still wet because I am always the last to get ready and never have enough time. My ears throb when the litany of they touched me, they are on my side, they are looking at me and they are breathing starts. I have had to be proactive to save myself. They each have a mini-dry erase board to draw with. They are not allowed to draw each other. No, we can not talk about it and I have yet to see you draw one another civilized. Then, I praise God for the 80's and discman. I went to the library and burned copies of the Mickey Mouse Club, Peanut Butter and Jelly and other child friendly, non-warping music. Put out an APB for those old discman and my friends stepped up to save my sanity. Now, when I have truly had it, they crank those up. I have heard all the diatribes about how the car is a great time to bond and share in the moments of their lives. True, I will do that on the way to the grocery store, church or my in-laws, but not when I am driving to another time-zone at 6:50 in the morning. Also, this applies @ 3:06 when we drive home. I have just spent a full day with obnoxious and hormonally challenged middle schoolers. All of my niceties are regrettably gone for all individuals under 5 feet tall, so they will have to give me some peace until I get home and crank on the mommmy mode and play happy. I am pleased to report that my daughter has shown such an interest in her music, that she was promoted to a MP3 Player and got two new christian music CDS for Christmas and her world and my sanity have taken on a whole new meaning.

It aint all about the cabinets said...

I have a picture of Ethan dressed as "super tiger" if you want it.