Thursday, January 29, 2009

Inagural Observations

(pre-script: This post is best paired with the songs,"Talk," by Coldplay, or "Closer," by Jars of Clay...but if you pick "Closer," listen with your tongue in cheek meter turned on before you read any further, go down to the playlist, click on one of those songs, then come back and resume reading. I'll wait...) (...still waiting, while doing my best to hold back the crowd...)

Last week I watched the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony, and as always, I made some critical observations. There were so many, many people there. And I thought, "I would hate that." I would never have any desire to go there, even if it is history in the making. I have no desire to say to my grandchildren and great grandchildren, "Yes, kiddies, Mimi (which is probably what they will call me, lovingly.) was there at the Presidential Inauguration...My lips froze, and I couldn't see anything, and I almost got trampled to death, but I was there."

"But Michelle,"
you, my imaginary blog reader is surely thinking,
"Michelle, would you say then that you are more of an introvert?"
and I would reply, in my mind,
"Gentle reader, that is a good question. I do have more introverted tendencies as the years go by, but no, I am still an extrovert, mostly."
"But Michelle,"
"yes, dear reader?"
"It sounds like you are in introvert."
" I have no response except to point out that even Supergirl has her limits. Now let's move on."
"good point. Okay."

Did you see the orchestra? I did, on TV, while on the treadmill at the gym, where I had my own personal screen, so I could see everything very clearly, without the cold, and any other discomfort I may have been feeling I was bringing upon myself on that dadgammit machine...but I digress...
The Orchestra was majestic. Each member had a look on his or her face like "This is living. this is what I have trained so many years for; this feels like bliss, I am passionate about this." and they would exchange glances at each other, like they were all in their own little world, in on their own private joke, and it was only them, only them, and all those people around were just...oh wait, there were other people there?
And did you see Aretha Franklin? The moment she stepped up to the podium, I think I whispered under my (rapidly retreating) breath, "I love her hat." and then I felt a sinking feeling in my (furiously beating, blasted treadmill!!) heart, like I just knew, KNEW She would be criticised in the media for that hat. But I also knew that the people who would tear her hat apart obviously lacked the vision to see her, and the beauty that was her hat. Maybe, maybe, some of them were jealous that they didn't think to wear something so fantastic first, but just wore beanies, like everyone else. Dern.
Of course, I have to close by paying my deepest respect to the fact that there is a poet laureate who writes and recites a poem at the inauguration. I love that, because it is one of my hardly spoken dreams in life* to be selected as the nation's poet laureate, and to be commissioned to write and read an original poem specifically for the occasion. So if any government big wigs are reading this, and can get in touch with the guy who is in charge of commissioning the poets, have him call me. I will go to THAT Inauguration, for I will be on the stage, not among the crowds. Hopefully there will be a hotel room set up for me to stay in and everything; I'm really not picky, any 5 star will do. I even don't care what year you sign me up for, I'll take any I can get, as long as I have enough time to first find something fabulous to wear. Hmmm...maybe I should call Aretha, and ask her where she got that hat. Wait for it, peeps...


*Can the National Poet Laureate also be an Olympic Women's Marathon runner? If not, we might have a conflict of interest...but I'd opt out of the Olympics and just settle for Boston, if it meant a shot at the Laureate spot.


Kevin said...

I thought I, the gentle reader, was about to get in an argument with you right in the middle of yoru blog.

Anonymous said...

Clearly if you want to get on stage and read your poem to all those people then you are not an introvert. I would never be caught dead in front of a crowd that big (or a small crowd). And as much as I would hate to be IN the crowd I would rather be there than on the stage in front of it.

Michelle said...

Sharla, good point; I would be terrified, but would do it for the sake of the poetry. It's the title and priviledge that matter to would be the ONLY way I would EVER concider getting up on that stage, and I'd still probably need a vicodin or something to go through with it.

vic-a-la said...

that was awesome, mish. i absolutely love being in your head...and often, thinking the same thing you are before you say it :-). or at least guessing what i think you are thinking, in this case...