Friday, January 30, 2009

Going in to rescue you

(Pre-script: This poem needs to be paired with the song "Superman," by Five for Fighting. Go down to the playlist and click it on before reading this poem. I'll wait.) (...still waiting...)

What if all of your brave heroics
were just a glamorous way to die,
to be the hero that you always hoped could save you
from yourself,
and you were going in to rescue you
as you pulled the victims out,
you were going in to rescue you
as you smothered the flames of fires
tears alone would never touch
and they patted your back and told you "good job"
but it was hollow since
you still had you inside your chest
engulfed in flames tears would reach,
if you would be brave enough
to let them.



1 comment:

Travis i Stacy said...

mommy that man is running into that burning house to save himself. He's a hero! No, son... he's an idiot.