Saturday, January 3, 2009

Catching a Fly

I wanted to capture the buzzing fly in a jar
wanted to poke the lid with air holes
and watch it bang against the clear glass
"am I crazy?"
it must wonder as it sees somewhere it can't figure out why it's not getting any closer to
no matter how hard it pounds it's tiny wings
no matter how exhaustedly it smashes into invisible walls
Maybe the lid did not need air holes
maybe there is already enough air in the jar to sustain such a tiny thing
for as long as it's tiny life would naturally last,
but I added the air holes
to alleviate my guilt. That's the truth of it.
I am selfish.


vic-a-la said...

hmmm. interesting. are we like the fly?

sara said...

i got distracted by "1979". seriously. i saw the pumpkins in concert. i had pink hair. oh yeah...