Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bitter pill bitter broccoli bitter brussels sprouts

Sometimes you do the right thing
and it's a bitter pill or bitter broccoli and brussels sprouts the most bitter more bitter
than you ever thought it could be
when you used to idealize this moment, stand on a box and quote, "If I am in situation n, I will definitely not do x, and I will for sure do y. I don't know how anyone ever could do x. I don't know how anyone could ever not do y."
but then the moment came you were actually in situation n, and you did know
exaclty how anyone could do x, how any one could not do y
(because x is the easiest thing in the world to do, that's why)
so so much for standing on a box and quoting yourself
and so much for getting a standing ovation or pat on the back because really
sometimes you just get
the pill to swallow, the bitter most bitter of bitter broccoli and brussels sprouts that make you gag, so strong is everything in you pulling against swallowing it, and even though
you wash it down with clear conscience juice it is
a very cold consolation and does not always remove the aftertaste.

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sean said...

but i like broccoli! :-p