Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ah, thanks, Deb! (A continuation from the previous post.)

...Then I turned on my computer, and Deb had published this post today, and it felt like another LoveWishHope hug.*
(*If this makes no sense to you, read the previous post.)
P.S. If you have already viewed Deb's post, I will tell you that the fabulous collage pictured there is one that I made for Deb before her family moved from California to Kansas when we were 15. Deb and I became friends when we were 5, and her father was the pastor of our church. You can see from the collage that we wore gunny sack dresses to church, sang duets in church, went to the beach several times, mothered our beloved cabbage patch kids, and so forth, but what you cannot see is our fierce cheerleading moves, the plays and musicals we would write and perform for her grandma, our Amy Grant sing-a-longs, (Deb even said to me once,"My mom said that when I grow up, I can do my hair just like Amy Grant." Cool, Deb!) and the awkwardness with which we weathered the most awkward years of any pre-teen's life.


sara said...

Oh, I saw it sister!!! We had our own choreographing going on in Rome, Iowa - but being the heathens that we were - it was not to Amy Grant, bur rather Paula Abdul!! (Straight Up, now tell me - do you really wanna love me FOR-ever????)

Michelle said...

Oh, we probably did Paula routines, too, and I know we did Tiffany.

Deb said...

The Tiffany one was the best! (I think we're alone now, doesn't seem to be anyone around...)

Michelle said...

yes, which prompted a stern lecture from your sister. We got a lot of stern lectures. :-)