Saturday, September 20, 2008

I like her freckles

(Prescript: To get the most out of this post, scroll down to my playlist, click on the song "Hello," by Hawk Nelson, then come back and resume reading. I'll wait...)

(Still waiting...)

Often while driving around town, Derek will point randomly to a street and say "I did that kitchen." or "I did an entertainment center in that house." I am never surprised by this. But the other night, we stopped in to see one of his most recent customers, Rob and Meilei. I found them to be delightful and hilarious, and their kitchen wasn't too shabby, either.
Actually, I like shabby, so I might have liked it if it were. But as it is, their kitchen it new, so new it's not yet finished, which is why I did not take many pictures of it. You can see the bottom of the cabinetry in some of these pictures.

Oh, and let's not forget the bling.

I love, love these tiles that are set into the backsplash. They look like little jewels, or little pots of eye shadow. So delectable and "so darn good looking.*"

(In this picture you can also see the handles which will soon go on the cabinets and the granite countertops.)

And now it's time for TRUE CONFESSIONS, a semi-regularly occuring phenomenon when I confess something to you that you would not have known unless you had read it here. Think of it as a reward for reading my blog. Lucky you. Today's confession is this: as soon as Mei Lei opened the front door, I fell in love with her freckles. I almost said "I love your freckles!" Right then and there, but I didn't, because I thought "What if she doesn't like her freckles?" so I said nothing. But I DID compliment her daughter on HER freckles.


*Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

P.S. And if anyone wonders if any of these elements exist in my home, the answer it no, no they don't. But there IS a black power ranger with one leg missing and a yellow leg of another power ranger with a body missing in our bathtub.

There is also my sea glass collection, which I added to thusly today:


Meilei said...

Thank you, you are so kind! Growing up I used to hate my freckles, but finally after many many years, I have learned to live with them and I don't actually think about them as much anymore. Plus, I really think they are cute on my kids too so my perspective has changed...

Val said...

Meilei is one of the customers I have actually met! Usually I just get to talk to them over the phone, but never get to see them in person. So I've seen first hand those freckles that you love so much :) I don't get to see a lot of Derek's completed work either, so thanks for including the pictures that you did!

Kevin Burrill said...

Was that the first time you met Rob and Meilei? And know you subscript to her blog on your blog?

sara said...

I love her freckles too!! My boys both have the sweetest freckles..I was kinda dreaming about Mya Jian having freckles too!!! (highly unlikely)