Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ribbon, Ruffles, Bows, and/or Lace

The title alone is enough to make some people gag, I'm sure.
allowing time for gagging here...
I'll wait...
This morning, as I was stepping repeatedly on the stepmill, I was also watching "Live with Regis and Kelly." And what do you know, but Kelly inspired me to share some thoughts with all y'all. First of all, she was wearing a shirt that I just absolutely really resonated with. It contained at least two of the elements that most of my favorite shirts contain,* which are ribbons, ruffles, bows, and /or lace. While I'm sure that the shirt Kelly wore was completely expensive, I was at least inspired to look for something similar at my favorite cheapy stores. (Crossroads being my optimal fave.)
I'm sorry, but I have to interrupt myself here for a short rabbit trail.
(I also garner inspiration for cheap shopping from magazines, and the funniest thing ever is when the magazines are trying to be helpful and tell you how to find things for cheap, and they write it like it's the newest revelation around. "Jeans for a reasonable price! Can you believe we found this for you?" um, everyone I know already knows how to find inexpensive things. What we don't know how to do is spend thousands of dollars on meaningless junk...because we have yet to find the tree where the money grows...and even if we found it, we would put it to better use, I'm sure. So just show me the ridiculously priced, top of the line thing, and if I like it, I will search out something like it at Target. and I might even like the Target version better. Maybe.)
While Kelly was wearing this inspiring shirt today, she was having a conversation about pregnancy. Y'all, I love conversations about pregnancy and childbirth. And Kelly said that she gained 68 pounds in her first pregnancy. Thank you, Kelly, for saying that. And then she said my favorite Kelly Ripa quote ever:
"Don't judge me, don't you judge me."
I have adopted this saying into my everday life and conversations, mostly just with Derek, and mostly in moments when we are laughing at ourselves for some reason.
So here's my own pregnancy weight gain list:
1st: roughly 65 lbs
2nd:roughly 50 lbs
3rd:roughly 65 lbs, again.
4th:an unprecedented roughly 80 lbs.
(And lest you think this weight gain affected the size of the baby, let me just say that baby #2 was bigger than babies #1 and 3 by half a pound, and baby #4 was only bigger than baby #1 by 1 ounce.)
Snaps to Kelly Ripa for being my pregnancy weight gain twin. I'm sure that people said things to Kelly when she was pregnant that sounded like the things they used to say to me, too, like:
"Wow, you must be due any day"
so that they could gasp in disbelief when I had to say for the zillionth time that I still had months to go,
"Are you carrying mutiples?"
so that they could gasp in disbelief when I had to say that there was only ONE baby in there,
"Well, it looks like the weight is all baby."
Really? Because I distinctly remember that my arms did not look like sausages BEFORE I was fact, BEFORE I was pregnant, my arms actually fit into my sleeves. But thanks for trying to be positive. Snaps to you, for your go-getter attitude. It will either get you far in life, or it will get you smacked.
But relax, peeps, it's all good now. You lose the baby weight, dress the baby up in all the ribbons, ruffles, bows and lace you want in the year or two before the little darling starts sporting an opinion. (and not all children do, clothing wise. So those moms are free to dress the child any which way she wishes.) But in the end, it's all good, because I can still dress MYSELF in all the ribbons, ruffles, bows, and/or lace I want. Ah, so satisfying. Thank you, Kelly Ripa.
"I never expected to have so much in common."**

*This is excluding shirts for running, and probably for camping, too...but I'll have to go camping first before I can say that in all confidence.

**Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


bethany said...

Hi Michelle,
I linked over to your blog from the LPM blog and just wanted to say that I will most definately be praying for your little guy Jeremy. I am also in Ca. and I am an early intervention teacher for preschoolers with a diagnosis of autism. I absolutely LOVE it and am feeling very strongly the need to be in prayer for my students this year.
If you every have any questions or if I can be of any help please don't hesitate to ask!
As for the pregnancy stories....I love to hear them too even though I've never had a child. As a matter of fact....I just became an auntie to a new baby niece (Kensley) today! Check out my blog...there are pictures of her there!


Debbie said...

I hope you are having a great day. I agree that Kelly Rippa is pretty darn cute. The girly stuff is fun. I LOVE bows for my girls.

My Life As A Jesus Freak said...

Hey there! Superchick is pretty cool. My church is going to do a drama to "One More" by them. But as you can tell, I like a whole lot of different styles of music. I gotta feeling so does God or else we would all be singing the same song till we were sick of it and Him too!! God is a creator which means He constantly creates and never does anything the same way twice...even
Yeah, meeting up on the blog was really interesting. Just like I am meeting you right now, and as that friend from London would say "Ciao". Being a small town girl in the South it was mindblowing to me. I guess I just never thought of this world being so big and being so full of so many people with their own lives and stuff. I am an observer so I like to sit back and watch people and wonder what is their life like and what kind of struggles they may have or what they are passionate about. (Weird I know). This world just amazes me. Ain't God just great?! I mean, something as simple as a blog, but yet so much encouragement to so many women. Man, He is just worth every breath, isn't He?
Thanks for the prayers for the hurricanes. Hanna will be here soon and Ike is on her tail. But such is the life of a coastal dweller. Ain't no biggie.
I was interested to read of your son's autism. There are two little boys at our church that suffer with that. One in particular suffers greatly as he cannot even speak but make noises. So, I can't truly understand how it must be for you but I do know that I love those two little boys so much. And I also know that Jesus took stripes for your little boy and don't you ever let the enemy talk you into settling for anything less than the complete wholeness He died for your baby to have. Nothin's too hard for God sista!!! Not one single thing, so you keep your head up!! Today is going to be a very good day and I declare somethin really great is going to happen!! Well it was nice to meet ya! You have a good one today as well.
And oh yeah, I love to watch "A Baby Story". I have had three pregnancies and all I could eat was, well, nothing with the first two. Air made me sick for the whole nine months!! But oh sista, did I ever eat a whole pepperoni pizza all by myself in the hospital afterwards!! Yep, I ate the whole darn thang!!

Verlana said...

Michelle... I gained roughly 60, roughly 55, and roughly 55... only because I never really got those last 5 pounds off from the first! :) Starks had all of that weight and was 5# 10oz... VERY disappointing to realize I had to pee and work every bit of it off. PLUS, my body so graciously holds onto those pounds until I have finished breastfeeding. I hated women who could say, "WOW! Breastfeeding really takes off the pounds!" It certainly didn't work that way for me. A year before I could see the road to recovery. :) You have to love genetics, huh, babe?! Great talking to you the other day! Hugs! :)

sara said...

Oh, you are too funny! I love bows & lace..but haven't had much reason for either - but I am really looking forward to it :)

I delightfully gained roughly 80# with each of my sweeties!! They weight 8:10 and 9:14 respectively. I DID lose the weight, then I turned 30..something happened there - not sure how to describe it. Maybe Kelly Ripa would loan me her personal trainer or her chef??