Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Save The Date

Everyone I know with grown children always says that the kids grew up so fast. I, for one, am starting to believe them. I mean, just check this kid out:

She's already got some great digs and a fantastic set of wheels.

And check THIS out:

She appears to have found a life partner.*

(Reed to Natalie:"Go ahead and keep scratching your nose. It doesn't bother me at all...")

Just call them Deb and Napoleon...**They seem to share the same interests and activities...

Reed even seems to like the house.

I'll just go call Francesca and arrange the marriage now...

In the meantime, keep June 2028 free.


*Reed appears courtesy of his mother.

**characters from the movie "Napoleon Dynomite.


Kevin Burrill said...

I checked my calendar, and I'm busy the weekends of 10th and 17th. Make sure she plans it either on the 3rd or 24th.

Francesca said...

is that just the SWEETEST post ever? i think so, but then i am a tad biased! SO CUTE!!
love you!!

sara said...

You may have to make the refrigator magnets, cause I,for one,will be pretty feeble then!!