Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's alright, It's alright, It's alright, peeps;

(pre-script: To get the most out of this post, read it as the song "Mysterious Ways," by U2, plays. Go down to my playlist to turn it on, then come back...I'll wait...) (...Still waiting...)

Recently, Hubba-Dubba* and Firstborn girl child were driving in his truck. A certain song came on the radio, which prompted following conversation:
Firstborn: "This guy is ,like, the third worst singer in the world."
Hubba-Dubba: "Who are the first two?"
Firstborn: "Bono**, then you."
(Um, Ouch! That smarts.)


*I have never actually used this particular nickname (Hubba-Dubba) before. I'm still deciding if I like it.

**For the record, Hubba-Dubba and I are super Bono fans. We heart Bono. We heart his music, and we heart his heart for using his platform to help so many people. Bono, if you are reading this, we HEART you, do you even understand?!? Firstborn isn't nine years old yet, and she is very wrong much, so much of the time...and I would even say that she moves in mysterious ways...and you should never try to figure her out because you never, ever will. Trust me. Let's just leave it at that, okay? Okay.


It aint all about the cabinets said...

"Hubba-Dubba" - It's a NO for me.

I don't really know what Kristina has against Bono. I've tried previously to reason with her that U2 is one of the most popular bands IN THE WORLD - and she remains totally perplexed as to how that many people can be so wrong.

sara said...

Hmm..I don't know about the Hubba_Dubba either. I will try to on my man this morning on the way to church (AFTER he buys me coffee)

HILARIOUS conversation.

Renee said...

Okay, I would have to concur with Firstborn's assessment of Hubba Dubba's choral skills. One to many times at SHCC hearing his rendition of "Our God is an Awesome God." However, seeing she seems so willing to diss Bono, I would like to know howm she feels are the three best singers and her rational explanations. Por Favor. Please do tell. If Hannah Montana is a part of her response, please call a respectable therapist. I have banished the mouse wearing fiend from my house and held a CD burning in an effort to exercise my consitutional right to freedom of forbidding speech. Please note, that at my house it is a Patersonocracy and I have my own constitution that supercedes the law of the land.