Thursday, September 25, 2008

Attention Shoppers

(Pre-script: To get the most out of this post, go down and click on the song "Gone," by Switchfoot, then come back and commence reading. I'll wait...) (...Still waiting...)

When you are strolling through a well-to-do downtown area of a well-to-do neighborhood, where BMW's and Mercedes Benz* are as rampant as Honda's and Chevrolet's in any other neighborhood, and you see a store (read: boutique) window with a sign that looks something like this:
Feel free to laugh heartily.


P.S. In the same night I took this picture, (read: last night)we also went to Target, which looks very much like the worst of the '80's threw up all over the place. Like "The 80's called; they want their purple (!) acid washed jeans back." Um, I already lived through the '80's the first time, and like I have TIME... to start pegging my jeans and feathering my bangs again...GOSH!

*I wanted to provide photo evidence of the prevalence of the aforementioned vehicles, but there were people around, and I was too embarrassed...although I DO regret not taking a picture of the Lamborghini and the Rolls Royce...which I wouldn't have recognized except that Derek stopped to look, and when I asked him what was so interesting, he said "It's not every day I see a Rolls Royce."


sara said...

And I thought our Taurus was rockin'....

Renee said...

Alas, I will know the world has ended when I see boys wearing Z Cavarichi pants again. However, I would consider them a profound improvement over the pant, sagging disgrace that leaves no doubt as to the pattern of the plaid boxers that should be hiding. Again, I remind all my students - if I do not walk around showing you my bra, then you will not walk around showing me your underwear.