Sunday, September 7, 2008

I Once Knew A Guy...

...who used to tell me I had old lady hands.
I say "used to" because it happened more than once;
he used to say it to me all the time. I worked with this-ahem-gentleman, so he had plenty of opportunities to stare at my hands and say "You have old lady hands. What happened to you?"-insert look of disgust here-"You just look so... OLD!"* this is the same-ahem-gentleman who used to ask me to marry him so that he could get his green card.
I say "used to" because it happened more than once.
And each time, he assured me that it was just for the legality of it, he could still live in his house, I could still live in my house, basically we could exit the courthouse and never see each other again...he did have a girlfriend, after all...Oh, except at work, where he could criticize my hands. Although now that I think of it, I shouldn't have been insulted. When he told me I had old lady hands, I should have just smiled politely back at him and said "Thanks, thanks so much for your astute observations and enthusiastically loud comments;
I inherited them from my grandmother."

My Heart In My Hands

(Here is my heart; It's the very first piece of sea glass I found today)

(here is my rarest piece of sea glass yet; it's turquoise!)
(Here is my grandfather of a sea glass; it goes well with my grandmotherly hands.)
Today's Treasure

Thanks for giving it up, Pacific Ocean
(By the way, you were exceptionally gorgeous today, simply FAB-U**.)

(The wedding rings on my hand appear courtesy of a man who has always been a legal citizen, and, more importantly, has never once insulted my Grandmother. Just this once, I turned them around so that you can see the front of them. I like the back of them, too, but showing you the front just gives it an extra nice touch I think, don't you think?!)


*from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"
**The word FAB-U appears courtesy of Sara B., for she invented it.


Deanne said...

I like the little heart piece, cute! I'm so going to have to keep my eyes peeled next time I'm a the beach....I want some sea glass too! :)

5 Men and a Lady said...

I have to say, I am something of a "hands-man," I fell in love with Rhonda shortly after I fell in love with her hands... so the guy who insulted your hands must have been more into feet... and complimenting Rhonda's hands did get me my green card eventually! Boy did that guy ever mess up!

vic-a-la said...

from one grandma hand girl to another...thanks grandma! never thought of it that way... :-)

sara said...

This cuts me to the core, cause I REALLY DO have old lady hands. Really. I once had a stranger tell me I had Saskwatch feet, Really? Is that Ok to say to someone? ever? I mean, EVVAH?

I guess I will keep my old lady hands and my big feet and my graying hair (possibly thinning) - I know Jesus as Lord and one day, I will be perfect!

Beautiful Sea glass, sister!

Francesca said...

having grandma hands means you are cooking, baking, diapering, gardening and washing, rinsing, and then repeating. (ie. LIVING)
from one grandma hand lady to another :)