Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What's in my veins vs. What's on my forehead

I wrote this post hours ago, and it's got me all itchy now, just thinking of all the ways these words can be taken out of context. So before you read it, just know that I believe in the bible, all of it; I love Jesus; I just don't always love "church culture." We're all just real people, peeps. So be real, not canned.
(pre-script: This post is best paired with the song " Only Hope," by Switchfoot. Go down and turn it on on my playlist, then come back and commence reading...I'll wait...) (...Still waiting...)

I have a bone to pick, SHOCKER!
I can't stand it when people say they are Christians, and then act all weird. Like "we've got all the answers.* We've got our own language**. We only vote republican***. We are NOTW****"
The fact is that there is no separation between what is Spiritual and what is Secular. The idea that there IS a seperation between the two is a cultural concept that is not prevalent in most of the world. The fact is that every person is 100% physical AND spiritual all the time, whether we all realize it or not. The fact is that if anything is positive, beautiful, or true, it is from God, because ALL truth is God's truth. Whether it fits the neat tidy boxes of what many churches claim it should fit or not. I think that we were created as people because God wants us to be the people that we are. I don't think He intends for us to pretend to be anyone else, or put on some show that sometimes churches say we should put on. (This is not to say that you should not grow, mature, study the bible, get help, or groom yourself.) As far as I can tell, He loves us all the time, even when we are at our worst, (but please, continue to grow, mature, study your bible, get healthy help, and groom yourself.) He knows that we were born into this world helpless to help ourselves, and his blood is the only thing that can save us. Nothin' else. Simple(but it's really NOT simple) as that. God is proud of us just because He created us and loves us...and if you don't feel very wonderful or beautiful, maybe it's because our culture defines beauty in very small, boxed in ways. But if you look back in time, you see that what is considered beautiful changes very often, so it could be that in another time period, you would have been considered the most gorgeous thing around...or just wait 5 months, since it's sure to change again. Churches have been known to define what is wonderful in very small, boxed in ways. But again, that's cultural, not spiritual.
Just because a song doesn't have the name "Jesus" in it doesn't mean that it's words are not true words that belong to God, anyway...even if they are sung by a person who does not even claim to believe in God...all truth is God's truth, and He loves us and desperately wants us all to know Him too, which is only possible through the blood of Jesus.
Y'all, I'm trying to live to that level, see the world through these eyes, and what I find is that God is deeper and more complex than typical "christian culture" tends to acknowledge when you finally let yourself realize that God cannot be confined to any box. The WAY to God is narrow; it's only through Jesus blood; it's not the "All Roads Lead To God" thing that is also very cultural; but GOD HIMSELF is not in any way narrow.
This shift in thinking is the difference between having something define you because it is what flows through your veins and fuels you, as opposed to just walking around with red paint on your forehead.
Think about it.


*As long as we live on this Earth, we will NEVER have all of the answers. Some things are just a mystery; there's beauty in that, too.

**Again, weird. Why do people who claim to follow Christ have to have their own special brand of weirdness? It just makes the idea of Jesus seem that much harder to embrace.

***Um, I'll keep checking, but as far as I can tell, Jesus didn't have a political party.

****stands for Not Of This World; it's the "WWJD" of the '00's. From the bible verse "be in this world, but not of it." I just think it sounds arrogant, though. How about a bumper sticker/t-shirt/ that says "I am IN this world?" because that part of the verse is also true.

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You go! I couldn't have said it better if I had said it myself! Great post! Have a good one!