Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Own Tropical Paradise

Now that my firstborn girl child plays the ukulele, we feel like we are on a tropical island all the time. Feeling stressed? Come on over! She will play you the song about the spaceman, the "Get me out of the tub" song, the spaghetti song..., whatever you want, as long as it can be played in the 2 or 3 chords she knows. And if you want, close your eyes, and we can try to convince third born, boy child to fan you with a large feather, and our fourth born, girl child can walk on your back. I'm afraid that 2nd born, boy child, will not be of much help in relieving your stress; He would only add to it by yelling at his ukulele wielding sister to STOP SINGING!!! But he won't hurt her, for she will be wielding a ukulele. Hey, I might even offer up one of my precious cans of Enviga!* And Derek, well, Derek puts everyone at ease. He's one of those people who makes everyone comfortable just by his presence and his charm. I used to get together with some girl friends one night a week, and when Derek saw them all lounging in our living room, he'd sit right down in the middle and sigh, in a "when's it my turn to share?" sort of way. But that's neither here nor there, and I'm sure he is delighted that I am sharing it with all y'all.


P.S. No music was recommended for this post, since the goal was that you would be imagining soothing ukulele music as you read it.
*Okay, it's actually not very likely.


sara said...

You could find some ukele muic to accompany this post?! Some Hawaiian tunes??

Val said...

Kristina put on a private performance for me today! She is really good for only one lesson. It was so tropical and relaxing. Like I was in hawaii :)