Wednesday, September 10, 2008

...but maybe it's just me...

I just wish that the candidates would not make fun of each other.
I wish that they wouldn't take nasty digs at each other and smile as everyone around them cheers for the very clever thing that their candidate just said about their anti-candidate.
I wish that one candidate would not approve of commercials that slander the other candidate and take his or her words or actions out of context.
I wish that candidates would stop digging up any unwise statement or thing another candidate has said or done in the past and blasting it all over the place...I know that I have said and done stupid things for YEARS, but I hope-HOPE HOPE!!! That I would not have to be defined for the rest of my life by them, because I hope-HOPE HOPE!!! That I have learned and grown and matured from them.
I wish that everyone would remember that all of the candidates are
human beings,
the jewel of God's creation,
created in God's image,
whether they realize it or not,
even if one is a more gifted or qualified to lead than another.
I wish that everyone will pray for the leader to come to have wisdom and strength to lead wisely. I think that leading a country is possibly the hardest job in the world, even harder than motherhood.
I may be trying to raise future wise and conscientious citizens, but I am responsible for 4, not 40 million,* I'm not scrutinized everywhere I go, my daily conversations tend not to be taken out of context, I don't think anyone has ever plotted my assassination, and I have never seen any hateful bumper stickers of myself on the back of the Land Rovers and Prius's that people drive to pick their kids up from school.
Because let me tell you something, folks...
I have yet to see an election where it didn't get nasty like that.
It happens on ALL sides, from ALL parties.
And it simply makes my heart sad.
(Ya'll, didn't we graduate from 5th grade?)

*40 million is just a made up figure...I'm sure it's alot more than that, concidering that there are about 1 million people in my city!


Verlana said...

Amen to that! I feel the same way, and it really makes me sick when I just hear about someone digging up something else on the other candidate... it being broadcast as if it's the most important fact of the day! Do I care? Do I want a scarlet letter? (sigh) I could go on and on... it's just not Christlike is it? "Where is the love?" :)

sara said...

I hear you, sister!! It is so true that we are all created in the image of Christ - if only we treated each other that way!

By the way, 'A Mother for Choco' is a lovely story about a bird without a Mommy, looking for one that looks like him. He ends up with Mrs.Bear as his Mama and a Hippo & an alligator for siblings. Really sweet story of adoption!

My Life As A Jesus Freak said...

I agree 150%!! You just said aloud what we all were thinking...