Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Fabulous Lyrical Stylings of Country Music

I'm not one to shun an entire category of music. I like to think that I could find at least ONE song that I like or can relate to from any genre. I have mentioned before that Country songs are often dumb; there are certain gimmicks that are repeated over and over in country music , like a tendency to take one phrase and turn it out of context to try to sound really "clever."

(i.e. "I hear voices all the time.")

There are also things that tend to show up in country songs that are not as common in non-country tractors, and, for some reason, cats.

(i.e. "Take your cat and leave my sweater...")

Oh, now that I think about it, sweaters are common, as well.

(i.e. "...picture me cryin' readin' all your love letters, walkin' around in your old sweaters...")

Last week, Derek and I heard a song that was so deep, it said something to the effect of: that a monster truck with huge, lifted tires is meaningless until you put a girl in it. Or something. I said to Derek "The problem is that if you drive a truck like that, you'll NEVER get a girl to put in it."

Yeah, but there are also country songs that are completely joyful. One example is the Brad Paisley song, "I'm Still A Guy." (I didn't put it on my blog playlist because I'm NOT a guy, even though I appreciate the words of this song very, very much.)

This morning, on our 26.2 (roughly) mile drive to church, Derek started to sing along to the was Trisha Yearwood's "She's in love with the boy." I was completely amused as he sang "She's in love with the boy, and even if they have to run away, she's gonna marry that boy some-day!"

-Highlight of my day right there, peeps.

And it got me what other genre of music can you hear lyrics like these:

" wasn't very long ago

when you yourself was just a hayseed plowboy

who didn't have a row to hoe.

My Daddy said you wasn't worth a lick.

When it came to brains, you got the short end of the stick..."

Think about it...but not too hard... might hurt your brain.


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