Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just In case anyone else asks...

I'm training for the Olympics.
I know nothing about training for the Olympics.
I just know to run faster, farther,
and to keep running.
I just know that in my new men's Asics running shoes,
I feel like Iron man,
my toes actually have enough room, and
I am faster than ever before.
I know
that the only way to get stronger is
to push the limit
of what you already know
and keep pushing until
there is a new limit.
I am a Runner,
I am an Athlete,
and I
am training
for the Olympics...

(But I have yet to decide which one.)


Kristina said...

Why do you want to join the olympics?

sara said...

Didn't the Paralympics start yesterday??

I just snorted through my nose....