Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm not only 32, but I'm also "32 flavors, and then some"

(Pre-script:this post should be viewed as the song "32 Flavors" covered by Alana Davis here, plays...click on it on my playlist at the bottom, then come back here and commence reading...I'll wait...)
(...still waiting...and if you're wondering why you can't see me very well, it's because I am "beyond your peripheral vision." Turn your heads already, peeps!)

Last night, after the children where nestled, all snug in their beds, I decided to paint my nails

this color.

(Oh, how I enjoy short dark nails.)

Don't hate me** because I painted my nails last night. For this morning, before I went anywhere, they were back to looking like this:
Yeah, I picked the polish off, alright? Gosh!
But sometimes, after I apply the topcoat and it dries, the whole of the polish on a particular nail just pulls right off in a single sheet. So it is fascinating fun to just keep pulling at the polish until they would just look silly until all of the nails are bare, again.
The problem is that after the fun and merriment, the nails are no longer painted. DOH! Maybe I will paint them again tonight. If I do, I'll take a picture...just in case it doesn't last. Until then, let us all raise our can of Enviga Green Tea (Tropical Pomegranate flavor, what do you think?!?*) and reminisce together about how truly traumatic fingernail maintenance can be.

...and again...


*This statement was written in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice.

**How about if we just leave it at "Don't hate me?"


sara said...

I liked them dark - shoulda left 'em!

My Life As A Jesus Freak said...

Is Napoleon Dyntamite the best or what?!!!!! (Well, except of course for Nacho Libre...lol).I laugh everytime I think of him and his "skills"!! And btw, I am impressed you would paint your nails when they are short. Too many people let a good short nail go to waste. Go against the flow girl!!!