Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Like anyone could ever know that."**

Sometimes people ask me:
"Do you use a Mac or a PC?"
to which I say:
"How in the world would I know that?
It's not like I'm some sort of technological wizard! I barely passed geometry; to this day the mere sight of a triangle confuses me (unless it's an isosceles...then I'm good.*) What, do you think I'm on the Geek Squad or something, just because I've been blogging for 2 months? GOSH! The next thing I know, you'll all be asking me to program the clocks on your VCR's, too... Like I have time to program 10 VCR clocks!!!!

"...but Michelle,"
I hear you whispering,
"We don't use VCR's anymore. We have already moved on to DVD Players and DVR"S and Tivo and stuff....and sometimes, we even watch movies on our computers."

"Oh, really? Mac or PC????"
DOH! Don't answer that. I will not understand your answer. Just tell me:
"It looks sort of like an isosceles triangle."

-XOXO, (I Guess,)

P.S. Y'all got me so fired up, I forgot to suggest the song to accompany this post. If you're still reading this, go ahead and click on the song "Superman," by Five for Fighting. Click on it, then come back and resume reading...
I'll wait...

(...still waiting...)

P.S. Actually, I do tend to think in mathematical, logical patterns, and there are equations just swimming all around my brain; it's just that mine are all interspersed with poetry.

*Oh I kid, I kid. I don't even remember what the heck an isosceles triangle even is. and I'm pretty sure it trips me up every single day, now that I'm out in the "Real World."

**Kip Dynamite

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sara said...

If you were a MAC user, you'd know!!!!!