Sunday, August 17, 2008

All in the course of a day

This morning as church was starting, I reached into my purse to turn my cell phone to mute. I do this every week even though no one ever calls me during church. It's just that I'm sure that the one week I forget to turn the volume off, it will ring loudly right in the middle of an important point in the service... and it will be a wrong number. Whatever.

A Girl and her Ocean
Chillin' like a Villian
When the sand looks like this:
it's just full of sea glass waiting to be found!

This little mermaid came to shore...
...and wanted to help me search for sea glass. While we searched, she philosophised thusly:
1.) "Most kids my age collect some kind of sea treasure...espescially girls."
2.) "Sometimes it's like God knows you're looking for something and He just-bam-puts it right in front of you."
All in all, not a bad day's stash!

But the boys had other treasures in mind...

making new friends.

"Lift up your eyes on high and see who has created these stars, The one who leads forth their host by number, He calls them all by name; Because of the greatness of His might and the strength of His power, Not one of them is missing." **

Peace. I'm out.

**Isaiah 40:26


sara said...

What a sweet stash!! I am so jealous! I am going to have to ask you for some sea glass for my birthday. Or Christmas or something. Not exactly something we can find in Colorado!!

Meilei said...

What beach do you go to? I have a friend who collects sea glass and we're always looking for beaches that we haven't been to yet (which we've only been to a few so it's not too hard) ;-)

Deanne said...

That's funny about your phone....I do the same thing! But now I have cause for doing so. My phone rang once in church, it was Mae's school sending out automated messages about the next day of school. I was absolutely embarrassed. Now, I either turn down my ringer or just leave it at home.

We go to the beach often here, and I have not seen one eensy piece of sea glass! I was thinking of that yesterday. Do some beaches attract glass and others none? Why is that? You know.....there's a beach in Canada that gets feet...why not others that get glass! :)

Michelle said...

Feet?!? What kind of feet?

Verlana said...

I read the part about your phone and didn't realize that was the end of the story! I thought it had more. :) You just wanted to let us know that you turned it off?

Michelle said...

Yes, Verlana, I was just telling a story. It happened that morning. Read the title of the post.
Oh, and the use of the word "thusly" appears as a nod to Alton Brown (Food Network).

Kevin Burrill said...

I've heard cell phones go off in church before. I find it disturbing.
And I'm glad you liked the pictures on my blog. I stole all those, but they're so funny.