Tuesday, August 19, 2008

She's not even a supermodel...

In today's previous post, I said I wasn't going to post any picture's of my children today... But I never said anything about other people's kids! This is my dearly beloved Francesca and her son, Reed...also dearly beloved!
If you ever meet Francesca in person, be sure to smack your gum really loudly. She loves that. So do I. When we get together, it's just one big gum smack fest.
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sara said...

We like "popping" gum. oh yeah.

Anonymous said...

i hope you all are being facetious! (had to look that spelling up on dictionary.com :-). it will be the word of the day). gum noises are all-consumingly obnoxious!
happy day!

MamaD said...

Thanks. The other kids are my niece and nephew.

The beach is Half Moon Bay State beach. You can google it, and then get directions on the site or with google directions.

Since its a state beach parking is 6 dollars. And your parking practically ON the beach so I have no problem with the fee. There are also picnic tables, a bathroom, outdoor shower, and bbq pits. Seagulls are bad though so if you bring food there has to be someone with it at all times. Other than that its a gorgeous beach, the water is pretty, and we saw a dolphin. :) We should meet up there sometime!

Michelle said...

No I'm seroious. We love to smack our gum...we're not gum twins though...she likes sucrets gum and I prefer Orbits Melon Mint.

francesca said...

gum chewing is one of those divisive topics, love it. also, my gum of choice is ALTOIDS peppermint. ahhhhhh. and only available at trader joe's, for all interested parties. :)

smalls said...

She may not be a supermodel... BUT SHE COULD BE! Wow! ;o)

(And for the record, I am completely, 100% ANTI gum-smacking. Almost as much as gun-packing. ;o)