Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Part III (The last in a trilogy of shoe posts)

These are the shoes that the children have worn all summer long. Yes, there is a pair of yellow rainboots in the mix, courtesy of the ecclectic footwear stylings of Ethan.

My personal fave are Natalie's summer sandals. I picked them out for her in May and they still fit, and she still loves them. When Kristina first saw Natalie's sandals, she said "They look like Francesca shoes." (Francesca is a friend of mine, in case you haven't been reading this blog very long.) When Francesca first saw these sandals, she said "Why don't they make those in our size?"
Well, Francesca, I don't know... I'll call the makers of Payless Shoe Source and get right on that for you.
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Val said...

I love the yellow boots! I love when Ethan comes to the shop and is wearing them on a hot summer day. It cracks me up every time :)

sara said...

I love the sandals too :) And everyone needs rain boots!!