Friday, August 15, 2008

Watch this video

I just saw Sara's latest post and think you all need to see it, too.
Sara and her family have been in the process of adopting a little girl, Mya, from can read the whole story on the blog, if you want, but at least just watch this video. It's beautiful! The post isn't titled, it's just dated today's date, Aug. 15, 2008.
Be blessed!
Sara, we are praying for you all...


Anonymous said...

that was beautiful! do they get to bring her home with them on this trip?

Michelle said...

I don't know when they get to take her home...I think they've just seen pictures of her, not actually met her yet.

sara said...

Aww, thanks Michelle!! We sure hope to travel this fall to bring her home FOREVER!! More details soon ;) Thanks for sharing in our JOY!