Saturday, August 30, 2008

It looks like a sandwich to me!

Warning: This is one of those posts that will seem funny to me, because I was there, but might not be funny to the reader. I just wanted to publish a new post to get some new skills established, and this was the most recent event in my life.

Me: "Let's go in the house and eat some food." (it was lunchtime)
Natalie:"Yeah, I'anna eat some food."
Me:"Let's get you a sandwich."
Natalie:"No, I'anna eat some food."
Me:"Well, what kind of food do you want to eat?"
Natalie:(not pointing at anything or looking at anything in particular.)"Um, that one."
Um, what?
(apparently my toddler is also just trying to perfect some skills, even if they are out of context.)

P.S. Attention food police: Though I am quite capable of making my own sandwiches on the wheat bread I only buy, in these pictures the sandwich you see my child holding is both an Uncrustable, from a package, and it's also on (gasp) white bread. Talk amongst yourselves.

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Kristina said...

Natalie Will point anywhere!Like ocka baby in a pee pops.She lifts her arm as high as possible and bends her wrist and points her finger down.Everything is "That One".

Anonymous said...

i am happy to report that i finally got caught up on your blog after crazy week with kids back in school. while i am not commenting on all of them, please know i enjoyed my update and hearing your voice in your writing and i'm glad that you share whatever is on your heart at the moment!

sara said...

Oh, I love toddler-speak!! it is so precious :)

I love your new is VERY fancy!!

Anonymous said...
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Vickie Musni said...

That was great...I could totally relate and laughed as if I were there. Max still does this..."I want some fruit." Me: Do you want a banana or an apple? "NO!!! I want some fruit!!!" I have since learned that only a can of fruit cocktail (on par with Uncrustables, to be sure) really counts as fruit to him.

Michelle said...

Dear secret blog admirer, thank you for commenting! I only wish you would have left your name...even just a first name. And how did you stumble upon this blog? Was it through someone elses? I'm very curious to know. I think it's great!
As far as your idea for my next post...I only post my own ideas. It is interesting to me to hear how it looked to you, though. :-)

Michelle said...

Hey, anonymous, my husband thinks that my 1st comment above sounded "harsh" or unkind. I don't mean it that way at all! I'm glad you read, and I'm flattered by your kindness. Thank you.