Friday, August 15, 2008

This Aint Pace Picante Sauce

I am a reformed salsa hater.
Sometimes as a kid mom would get all creative and put salsa in the cheese enchiladas. This made me so, so sad. But my dad loved it. He's always been a salsa lover, and as far as I could tell, he wasn't picky. I guess the idea of tomatos, peppers and onions mixed up together was always appealing to him. Not me. But we used to all laugh at the commercials for Pace Picante sauce. They went something
like this:
"Pace Picante Sauce is made in San Antonio, Texas, where they KNOW what salsa should taste like. This stuff's made in... New York City."
"Darlin', we're gonna have to shut you down."
Last summer I finally started to like salsa. My family was spending the day with our friends Scott and Heather and their 4 kids, and Heather made homemade salsa for dinner. I can't tell you what happened inside my brain, but it was delish. So good! And then late one night, I was watching "The Hills," (Don't judge me...don't you judge me...) and the one girl interrupted whatever the other one was saying to ask "Do you want salsa on your eggs?" Well. All of a sudden, I had a very strong hankering for that very thing...eggs with salsa. Now I eat it for lunch almost every day. (with black beans, feta, and sometimes cottage cheese.)
I'm still picky, though. Many of the salsa's that I see in the grocery store still gross me out. Salsa with mangos or pineapple? Barfness. But the salsa I like is the brand pictured. I usually get the red kind, the HOT one, but they only had the green kind last night in Safeway. (Which is strange, because they usually NEVER have the green kind.) It's okay, I like this kind, too. I don't know if this brand is national or just local, but if you are able to find it in your grocery store, just buy it up, peeps. Buy it up. And if you're a salsa hater, this just might make you change your mind.
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sara said...

That kind looks YUMMY!! I never liked salsa either (until I "grew up") But I am still kinda picky - don't like it too chunky (but I really like Pico de gallo)

i am going to have to check this one out at Safeway; thanks!

sara said...

Oh, and I LOVED that PACe commercial!! We were clearly products of the same generation!

Michelle said...

Sara, if it's there, it should be in the Deli Department. ;-)

Meilei said...

OOOOH I LOVE salsa and eggs, yummy! I wish I could be cooking some eggs (or anything else for that matter) in my kitchen on my super nice cabinets that just got delivered today!

Anonymous said...

this stuff's made in new york city! get a rope...
tee hee hee!
all i have to say is that trader joes pineapple salsa is my FAVORITE one,even if you hate it, but only dipped with the organic round tortilla chips, not mixed with anything else. and i like it room temp or even a bit warm. i'm tellin' ya...don't knock it until you try it! btw-i did try the mango one too...not as good.
vic - aka, anonymous

smalls said...

Casa Sanchez makes the BEST salsa AND the BEST chips! MMMMMM!!!!!

Travis i Stacy said...

What's "The Hills"?