Thursday, August 14, 2008


In the 12 days or so since I wrote the post, "Why I chose the songs I chose," I have added and removed songs to and from my playlist. Some songs just didn't feel right for the blog anymore; others were begging to be added. I'm sure that I will continue to tweak and edit the playlist, so be listening...if you care. Maybe some day you will even hear your favorite song; be ready.
One song I decided to add to the playlist is "Mama Mia," by Abba. Tonight, I saw a sign for the movie that is now playing with the same title, and it reminded me of a time roughly 11 years ago, when I was single, and rooming with my dear friend Vicki. We used to play the Abba Gold soundtrack over and over. The lyrics to "Mama Mia" go "Yes, I've been broken hearted, blue since the day we parted." But Vicki and I used to sing "Yes, I've been broken hearted, blue since the day we farted." And then we would laugh and laugh. We are really 12 years old. Or maybe 10.
Sometimes I still crack up over the same types of things. Actually, more then sometimes. Often, folks. I do this often. Like when Francesca sends me an email, she will tell me about her day, her kids, etc, and at the end, sometimes instead of saying "Goodbye," She writes "Layta, Skayta." That kills me EVERY TIME!
But the funniest was last night. Francesca IMed me when I was checking my facebook inbox, and she wrote "Whassahappenin'?" Folks, that nearly killed me. I have not stopped laughing since. I think it was just about the funniest thing I have heard in a while, and I now know how I plan to greet everyone around me for a long time to come...
So if you plan to be in my near vicinity in the coming future, watch out...
And if you listen to my playlist and happen to hear "Mama Mia," and start to sing along, feel free to change the lyrics.


sara said...

Oh, wow - I just came on to "My name is Luca" - what a flash to the past!! I always wanted to name my baby Luca after this song!! (and then came ERs Luca!!)

Anonymous said...

ahhh! fun memories :-). i still sing it that way! and laugh. a lot.
still can't get my password to get my name back on here. grrr.