Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Surprise, kids, we're going to the beach...Again!"

This Mom had a secret..

Since today was the kid's early day, and the temperatures were expected to be in the 90's, we decided to drive directly to the beach after school. On the road, when we told them where we were going, there was much rejoicing...among three children...But folks, remember that we actually have four children. And the fourth one responded thusly:

(The look on Natalie's face in the second picture is HILARIOUS!)
Alas, the drama was all for naught. He had a fabulous time...along with everyone else. And I took these glorious pictures to prove it:
Derek, so handsome in his hoody
Sweet Natalie

And if anyone ever wonders if I'm serious when I say that this girl loves the ocean...
Yes, I am!
Until next time... Layta, Skayta...

P.S. I collected about a tablespoon of sea glass today, and it is lovely! I took a picture of the day's stash and then added it to my sum total to date, but I accidentally deleted the picture from the camera, so you'll just have to take my word for it.


sara said...

The all look like the had a good time :) I wish we lived close enough to "head to the beach" after school! We'd be there all the time!!

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Verlana said...

That is awesome! What a cool mom you are, Michelle! Those are the days they'll remember... (sigh) Indeed, we are blessed to be so close to the ocean. :)

Val said...

I love Jeremy's reaction and that you got pictures of it! And I love Natalie's reaction to Jeremy. She's like what the heck is his problem, were going to the BEACH!!!