Sunday, August 17, 2008

Worth Repeating

Natalie and Tadan are 20 days apart. They call each other "baby." It's precious! I love this picture that I took of them yesterday...Sepia tone, and I sharpened it 2 or 3 times...If you try an effect and don't like it, you can always click "undo."
I say "pose," and Ethan chooses a pose and holds it. I love this shot, and the effects with color and black and white. I forget what the effect is called, but it focuses the color in the one spot, black and white as it goes out...
Love this shot of the boys...Yes, Ethan was holding that pose, too. I'm learning that when you do "Sepia," sometimes the picture looks dark and unclear, so I sharpened it 2 or 3 times...That helps. I probably also added a glow to this one...That's a cool effect sometimes, too.
I think I did a graduated tint to this one. Love the effect with color! That was just a great tree for taking pictures with. More experimental pictures to come!
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Anonymous said...

well don't you just have some mad photo skilz!
ps-nobody has helped me get my password back yet...anyone out there know how to get a reminder emailed or how to reset it? i bet i typed in a usual one with a typo...

sara said...

You are doing an awesome job editing photos :) I love the black & white with a splash of color! & I love the pic of the little ones (Tadan? what an adorable name!)

Val said...

That picture of Ethan cracks me up! Next time I see him I'm gonna ask him to pose for me