Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yes, I am full of my own opinions

All y'all,

let's keep this simple.

If you are nursing a baby, and there are people around you, please cover up.

I never saw the episode, but I remember hearing the story of how Barbara Walters mentioned one day that when a woman was nursing a baby around her, it made her uncomfortable, or something. The next morning, all sorts of women showed up in front of the TV station and...nursed their babies. Yes, they did. They went there.


I have major issues with that.

First, can you think of anything more inconciderate? Never did Barbara say "Don't breastfeed." She simply said she didn't want to watch. If I said "Monkey hair grosses me out." Would you show up on my doorstep the next morning with bags and bags of monkey hair? No, no, you wouldn't. You might say "Hmm, that's an interesting aversion, Michelle, tell me more about that."

Second, I get all uppity when people use their babies or children as if they are bumper stickers for the parent's own political agenda...Yes, a baby needs to eat, and MAYBE you just happened to be walking past the ABC studios that morning when, Oh my, the baby sure seems fussy and
OH, these steps look comfortable, I'll just feed little Johnny right here...but I doubt it.

And even if that scenario had been true, Cover up, peeps.

If it was never okay to disrobe in public before you had the baby, take that as a clue that it's still not okay.
Here's a free tip to all of you blog readers who also happen to be mall goers...Malls all across America are sporting a trend called "The Ladies Lounge." These are espescially prevalent in the department stores, like Nordstrom and such...and they have couches and comfortable chairs. I don't know, but I think this is fixing to stay around for awhile.
*this picture contains 4 people who were (discreetly, when people were around) nursed for the first 12+ months of their lives; and none of them were used for any political agenda...*


MamaD said...

Hey Michelle! I am going to disagree with you on this subject and I'm just gong to give you my reasoning. :) All in good nature!

There are many reasons I believe not having to cover up is a woman's prerogative.
One main reason is the level of comfort for the baby. Having a blanket or cover over a baby that is trying to breathe only out of their nose and creating lots of body heat can be an uncomfortable thing for both mother and baby. If the baby isn't comfortable he/she is not going to be eating they way he/she should or could be.

Also, a lot of babies like to be able to look around, grab things, touch their momma's face etc.. While covered up this is limited for them.

It is each an every woman's decision to make. But, it should be their decision only. The reason women continue to make statements is because we are at risk of it becoming illegal to bf in public. We have the right to feed our babies without putting something over their precious faces and taking away their chance to have a feeding where they are comfortable and can connect with their momma's.
We all should have a choice, and shouldn't have to worry about our right being taken away.
If other people have a problem with it or are uncomfortable they have the choice to look away.

And as a side note; most women are fairly discreet while not covering up. You usually don't see much skin at all because the baby is covering most of the breast.

Sorry that was so long! I hope I didn't offend you either. Please feel free to talk to me about it!

Michelle said...

There are ways to put the blanket over you that don't inhibit the baby from breathing, and where the baby can still reach up and touch your face. Or you can go in the bathroom or sit in your car. Or buy a hooter hider; they have a large gap so you are covered, but the baby doesn't feel smothered.
Public nudity is still what it is and still makes everyone around uncomfortable.

MamaD said...

:) I guess we can agree to disagree. Have a good weekend!

sara said...

A hooter hider?? I LOVe it!! Wish those were around when I was a nursin Mama!!

Michelle said...

Mamad, I love you, and I want to remind you that I am talking about when you are in public..I'm not talking about the privacy of your own home. If you are in public and have to feed the baby, then it is your social responsibility to cover up. That's all. There's no excuse not to. If your baby wont tolerate it, then don't be out at feeding times. I do not speak as one without authority. I did this 4 times. There are many, easy ways to make this comfortable for everybody. Be blessed, MamaD! Xoxo

MamaD said...

:) I appreciate your perspective, but I still disagree.
I just believe America has become over-sexed and that should not deter from a natural process that was created by God.

I think that by more women breastfeeding in public we can make a change in the way the public views it. It can become a thing that is accepted and normal, instead of how it commonly is now, outcasted and deemed as uncomfortable for others.

And, as a woman that has breastfed I would like the freedom of feeding my next child while being able to continue my daily tasks, be it, going to the store or meeting a friend for lunch.

Once again, it looks like we will have to agree to disagree. I just feel very strongly about this topic so I can get carried away with my opinions. I respect your decision to keep that bfing a private thing!

Lots of love!

Michelle said...

MamaD, it's my blog. My opinion.
I think that all of your points are weak, and I think I already addressed them all. I agree with going about your daily business. Just cover up for the feeding part IF YOU ARE IN PUBLIC. It's not about not appreciating the natural beauty of the thing. We all appreciate that. But there is no excuse for not covering up in public, and not to do so is RUDE. I think you are wrong.

MamaD said...

Wasn't trying to offend you. I was just posting my opinion.

Like I said, I appreciate and respect your perspective.

I guess the point I was trying to make was the way you came across on your blog, was that your way was the only way. And I was a little offended by that.
And as you stated that you think I am wrong it is apparent that you do think that your way is the only way.

I was just trying to put out there that there is another side. And other people think differently. I was trying to have a conversation about it to see where you were coming from and to hopefully shed a little light on others that think differently from you.

Again, I am sorry you are offended by my comments. You may remove them if you please.

Michelle said...

But having said that, I wish you only the best, and I'm praying blessings on your family, MamaD.

Michelle said...

Sweetheart, it was a good effort, but I am not about to change my opinion on this matter. I know people disagree. But I am very strong on this one. Gonna stay there. Big hug.

MamaD said...

Ditto, I guess thats what I was trying to say.

I felt that you were trying to persuade your opinion to me and I was just responding in a fashion that I was/am feeling strongly about my opinions as well.

Sorry if it came of as for lack of a better word, snotty. I wasn't trying to give off that attitude at all.

Love to you and yours!